Posted by: cck | August 25, 2011

vip treatment

So, that’s the glucose test?  It was only two hours, from the usual pregnancy three.  I’m not pregnant yet, but I don’t see the big deal.

It wasn’t that bad.  They were out of orange (I KNOW!), but they did set me up in the lounge with a barcalounger.  I felt like a total VIP.  The only bad part – which I’m slowly getting used to – is feeling like a pin cushion.  I have some lovely bruises on both arms now – and I’m getting intimately acquainted with my veins.

Apparently, my right arm is a total jokester.  There’s a large vein, wrapped with a smaller vein.  Ha!  You funny vein.

I’m really interested in the results.  Since I have PCOS, every doctor for the last four years has prescribed Metformin.  I didn’t care for Metformin – it made me feel yucky, I broke out – and it did nothing to lower my glucose…  because my glucose is already low.  Ha!  Jokester again!

This doctor opted for a more sensitive test – the two hour Glucose Test (GTT) with 75g of sugary-sweet flat soda.  I really hope I’m not pre-diabetic, but I’m not holding my breath.  Yoga #2 tonight.  I only made it through half the class on Tuesday, and I’m going back.  That’s right.  I am going back.  Let the battle of the bulge begin!


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