Posted by: cck | August 15, 2011

used to could

I used to blog on a regular basis – about things other than fertility.  I may haven even been interesting.  At least once or twice.

I feel like 40% of what I talk about now is about blood tests and vitamins and semen.  Yes, SEMEN.  The semen analysis was quite the topic of conversation for the last few days.  Poor K, he felt so under pressure.  Heh.  I laughed.  It was wrong, but damn was it funny to see him stressing over something he allegedly knows how to do.  (Gawd, I hope he knows how to do that.)

One of my old friends was telling me that (some) pregnant women act like they were the first pregnant woman on the earth.  I can’t help it: I know I’m annoying.  There’s something about his claim that falls flat.  Yes, women have been keeping the species going for millions of years.  Dude, a hundred years ago I would have been left to die on a rock.  The fact that I’m all forcing periods and stimulating my ovaries — this is pretty cool stuff.

I know ART’s been going for decades, but it’s still very weird to think about what I’m forcing.  The whole million years of history excuse?  It doesn’t really apply here.  Women have not been having babies for millions of years with the help of Clomid.

And there.  See what I just did there?  I started whining about how hard it is to have major medical science on my side.  Dude, I’m neurotic.  Help me.


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