Posted by: cck | August 5, 2011

vitamin battle

There are so many choices.  Seriously, who knew that pregnant women had to chose which prenatal vitamin they liked best?  I was handed four boxes and told to try them out.  And until I did, I was poking fun at the idea that I wouldn’t like a vitamin.  Say what?

First, I checked out how much these vitamins giant horse pills cost… Um, $30 a month for vitamins?  And that’s with my insurance?  Okay, okay – I get it.  Baby stuff, like wedding stuff, has an premium.  Cool.  I’m getting in the groove.

I chose the vitamin with interesting packaging (Duet DHA Complete) and the MOST vitamins.  I wanted more, more, MORE.  I’ve taken two does – two days – and oh my gawd, I’m going to jump out of my skin.  Damn B6 vitamins!  I don’t need 50mg – no one does.  I’m looking for vitamin combo with DHA (for the health benefit of eyes and brain development), but with a low B vitamin content. Maybe I just need to make my own by combining supplements?

I’m bipolar…  I struggle with mania much more than depression (or at least that’s been true in the past).  I don’t need anything helping me be “up.”  I get there fine all by myself.  Any suggestions?



  1. Do you have a strong feeling about needing a prescription vitamin? I’ve been happiest with the CVS pre-natal multi-vitamin. (Overshare coming)… most other prenatals gave me the trots 🙂

  2. I’ve been taking the Target pre-natal for years (it makes my hair grow)… I just thought I *had* to take a prescription strength. Hmmm. Questions for the doctor!

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