Posted by: cck | August 4, 2011


I’ve been trying out the ovulation test kit this week — even though clearly stated on the box is a warning for those of us with PCOS.  (ps. The whole “soul cyster” thing is gross.  I know, I’m judgmental – but I can’t help it.  Eww.)

Nevertheless, there I am – peeing on a stick in the morning (wishin’ and hopin’) for something to go right.  And this morning, there were two pink lines where only one had been.  According to the almighty box, that means I should ovulate in the next 24 to 48 hours.  Wha?  Seriously?  Gulp.

All of a sudden I felt guilty.  This shouldn’t happen – every doctor for the last four yeas told me this would be difficult and hard and require very expensive medication.  My goodness!  I’m writing a blog about fertility issues.  What if they were wrong?  Is it bad if I start hoping like mad?  Odds are slim – my uterine lining is probably not thick enough after four years of the IUD.  Oh!  Gasp!  Spiral into a worrying blob!

So, a few minutes with the Google later…  and it wasn’t quite the exciting moment I was hoping for…  Apparently, testing in the morning isn’t advisable.  I tested again later this afternoon (oh the joys of working from home)… and wa waaaaa.  No double lines.  Not even a strong pink line.  No ovulation.

My doctor warned me against this – the wish, the feeling so strong that it makes you feel jangly all day, the disappointment.  At least there won’t be a banner over our bed, screaming “Put a Baby in Me!”  Ha.  He’ll be so relieved.


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