Posted by: cck | August 3, 2011

twelfth night

I need to wait till the 12th.  That’s what I gleaned from visiting RMG this morning.

The 12th is a Friday, so I’ll probably wait till Monday the 15th to call and let them know what did or didn’t happen.  I’m waiting on a period.  That’s all, folks – one gloriously, well-timed menstrual cycle.

Meantime, K gets to practice in a small plastic cup (dude, that is funny) and I try to get to comfortable with a procedure that shoots dye up my uterus.  It’s a winner week for both of us.

Today, after I read through the brochure of available options and considerations and what not, I got squeamish.  There’s lots of words like cramping and uncomfortable, and you know that’s just code for miserable and horribly painful.  I thought to myself… “Self, do you really want to have a baby?”

And the answer, despite the fact that I was crossing my legs very very tightly, is yes.

Uterus, ovaries: y’all are on notice.  Either shape up or get ready for some pretty serious pokes.



  1. Is that for the HSG? Make sure to take the 4 extra strength tylenol they recommend beforehand and you should be all set.

  2. Susann: was it bad? They gave me a script for a pain killer and an antibiotic. (Nothing like being prepared ahead of time.) I hate being nervous about tests – I totally get in my own head and start freaking out.

    I have also stopped visiting webmd for that very reason.

  3. My New Years Resolution in 2009 was “I shall not self-diagnose on WebMD”. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have any closed tubes. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. And it just feels… weird. It’s a freaking balloon in your cha cha.

    Don’t read any stories people post. You just get interwebs crazies posting their horror stories.

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