Posted by: cck | July 29, 2011

on the road again

Today is my last day in Tallahassee.  I moved here almost five years ago (I’m two weeks short of the anniversary) after getting engaged (hello whirlwind!) to K.  It’s an interesting place – this Southern town: sleepy, slow and steamy hot.  I fell in love here.  Yes, I was in love with K before I got engaged and before I bundled everything I owned in the back of a car and left South Carolina.

But not like I love him now.  We fought here.  We grew here.  And, together, we forged the foundations of our life here.  Today is my last day in Tallahassee.

We’ve already moved.  Our new home is lovely (the small town even more so).  I’m excited about the stuff that’s coming up.  I left seven vials of blood behind this morning – all tests that are required by the new (in)fertility doctor.   I meet her next week with steps already taken, already completed.  I’m ready – well, at least my body is as ready as it’s ever been.

Tonight, I hit the road with a car full of random shit (the dregs of the randomness that fill an apartment after all the boxes and furniture are gone).  I’ll have some office stuff with me – one box of semi-personal belongings that will sit at my new desk 230 miles away.  I’m ready.  And away we go…



  1. My husband and I have only been married a little over a month and we are moving 400 something miles away in ONE week. I honestly never knew moving was so difficult.

  2. Thanks, Marti! You are incredibly good for my ego. 🙂

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