Posted by: cck | July 12, 2011


I’m a total wimp.  Removal of the hallowed IUD was a cinch.  A little pressure, a small gasp and BAM!  I am a free woman.

A really free woman.  In the history of my sexually active life, I’ve never been without birth control of some sort or another.  And right now – for all intents and purposes – I could have a baby.  I could conceive.  It’s.  So.  Strange.

My doctor – whom I will really miss – gave me a prescription for 4mg of folic acid and told me to buy a pack of condoms.  Despite my psychiatrist’s advice to “just try,” my ob/gyn advises that lithium fully leave my system.  That won’t actually happen for a while.  I’m in my last two weeks of 300mg, and then I have one more month of 150mg and then (to be on the safest side possible) two weeks before lithium is fully and absolutely out of my system.  K is so excited (NOT)!

I’m wondering if I should ask my psych to shorten the 150mg month to two weeks, but I think I’m being a doofus.  I can live for two months with condoms, right?  Right?  I think I should start planning something special for Labor Day weekend RIGHT NOW.


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