Posted by: cck | July 11, 2011

no more google

I should have some sort of parent block on googling medical questions.  I’ve spent the last hour wondering if IUD removal hurts and whether my breast milk will contain lamictal (anywhere form 6% to 60% according to  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

I’m far too emotional about tomorrow.  I told K I was freakin’ out.  He had the nerve to laugh.  “Look,” he says, “it was decided a long time ago that you’d have my children.”  Um…  “And now we know more of the when.”

You’d think that would sweep me off my feet.  And it was cute.  I just can’t quite believe it.  I’m planning all of this – I’m choosing this.  There’s just a small part of me that’s amazed that it’s actually happening.


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