Posted by: cck | July 10, 2011


Check yes or no.  Circle.  Mark with an X.  And in my case, pack it.  Stuff it with all the things you’ve accumulated and purchased and been gifted.  I’m disgusted by how much stuff we own and shocked that everything I own fits in a few stacked boxes.

Moving.  It’s like ten thousand things wrapped in bubble wrap.  My nerves are a little frayed.  The K and I spent the weekend apart – which doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, except it means two weeks apart.  I am so over living in different houses, I cannot stand it.  We are moving in five days and once again – we’ll be in one home.

Meanwhile, I’ve got one and a half days left with my IUD.  My doctor told me to relax, and not get my hopes up.  Even if I reduced my expectations by 100%, I’d have to cut the dreams back from being pregnant within a month with twins.

I’ve scheduled the day off.  And I plan on taking the whole day off no matter what.  Almost four years ago, I made the decision to do it.  And there was this moment that I felt totally weird because there was this thing in my body.  It was odd and strange and it was so very permanent.  Now that I no longer think about it, I’m getting rid of it and that’s all I can think of…  When K arrives on Friday night, we could potentially make a baby.  Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the practice, but holy fuck.  Now, if only my ovaries would work!


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