Posted by: cck | May 28, 2011

grace in small things, v4

I didn’t post last night, because I was too busy living in the grace of the day.  My husband was sworn in as an attorney yesterday afternoon.  (How we got a judge to work at 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon is a miracle in itself!)

There’s so much about this that’s huge.  My husband took three tries to get through law school.  He battled depression, alcoholism, and the general hardship of being too smart for his own good.  He never stopped – not when I gave up; not when others gave up.  The man had a goal in mind, and he made it happen.  I am in no way suggesting he did it all by himself.  This is a joint victory: me, professors, mentors, family.

If our life was a romantic comedy, which I sometimes think it is, this moment would be part of our montage.  Our family was there, cheering him on.  He wore a special bowtie I picked out, his grandfather’s cuff links, his grandmother’s one-year AA coin in his pocket.  Even with all my doubts, when this man puts his mind to something and makes a plan, there’s nothing he can’t do.  I am incredibly proud.  So proud that I keep spontaneously bursting into tears.  I am the wife of a lawyer.  I am the wife of a man who will never give up.  I am the wife of K.

And just like that, I can see grace again.
Baby K, you’re next.



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