Posted by: cck | May 25, 2011

grace in small things

A few years ago (maybe two?) there was an idea floating around in the blogosphere.  It was a challenge of sorts.  Each day, record something – anything – that sparks a feeling of gratitude.  I’m pretty sure it was a riff on Oprah, but the BlogHer folks took it to a new level.  It’s funny because I’ve been battling with gratitude lately.  Away from my husband, toiling at work, I’ve been anything but aware that I am living a lovely life.

Thus!  This morning after not enough sleep, I woke up with the words, “Grace in Small Things,” on my lips.  I’m going to try to illustrate – right here, right now – my attempts to be grateful.  I am going to practice being genuinely grateful for the blessings I receive. Here goes…

Today, and I’m starting small and specific, I am grateful I have fingers.  What I cannot enunciate, my fingers are often able to convey.  I can type, I can write, I can create.  Working on new projects, my fingers turn thoughts into something useful.  I flip binary code into something beautiful.  I move an idea from concept to reality.  I am grateful for my ten fingers, their muscle memory, the nails that never shirk from their duty as stress relievers.


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