Posted by: cck | May 10, 2011

start and stop

For the first time, I am experiencing positive change.  I’m not talking about a positive pee stick, I’m talking about how things are working out the way I wanted them to… and it is freakin’ me out.

I’m not that good with change.  I’m good with surviving.  I’m good with battle.  So what do you do with a general when he stops being a general?  Other than watching (I’m not yet doing) a few yoga tapes and eating my weight in wheat thins?  Um, I’m just trying to get my feet under me.

I’m down to 600 mg of lithium, and next week will go to 450 mg.  So far, no talking hair dryers or any other sign of impending doom.  Considering all the things going on, I’m calling this a major win.

I’ve moved my timeline from October to December, but I’m not moving my appointment to remove my IUD.  Ha!  Bye little buddy, good work!  Collect a gold watch on your way out.

We’re looking for a new doctor in the area.  And, I’m glad – I wasn’t crazy about the first one we saw.  I don’t like anyone who makes jokes about mental illness – mine in particular.  K. has his own bag of crazy, but we didn’t meet because of it.  We’ve made it because of it…  but that’s a whole other story.

So, the moral of the story – it’s a start and stop world.  And we’re starting and stopping on our own beat.  And it’s mostly go.  I have to keep remembering that: it’s mostly go.


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