Posted by: cck | April 28, 2011

le sigh

So, it’s official – K. is living – roughly – 220 miles away.  I’m amazed at how much I miss the guy.  It seems like we just got this marriage thing down.  I like him almost every day.  We’re making it work with skype and several phone calls (we are re-learning the art of the flirt).  And, it’s only been four days.  After four weeks, it may be a different story.

On top of all that pile of change, I have a new job.  Same company, whole new ball of duties and responsibilities.  New boss.  New office (ahem, cube).  New.  New.  New.  It’s a lot of change all at once and even though it is so close to exactly what I wanted, it is still freaking me out.

My company is being incredibly decent.  A new job that will allow me to work virtually.  A maternity leave schedule that is very generous (dude, I’m not even pregnant yet).  But, I’m leaving my sweet spot.  I’m moving into something, that while interesting and very marketable, isn’t my favorite territory.  The learning curve is STEEP.  I’m not sure I want to do it.

Do I look for something new, knowing that maternity leave might have to be postponed in order to prove myself to a new group of guys?  Do I swallow my nerves and buckle down and learn something new in order to provide for my family?  Is this what they mean when they say choices only get tougher the older you get?  Yes, yes and yes.



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