Posted by: cck | April 3, 2011


I love birthdays.  I used to say (and/or scream, proclaim, demand) that my birthday was my favorite day of the year.  Growing up with a mom with borderline personality disorder, it’s not hard to imagine the attachment to the one day that was all about me.  Since I’ve left that pile of crazy, and swapped it for one of my own making, my birthday fanaticism has cooled.  Instead I’m left with a normal amount of joy and the energy to focus on other peoples’ birthdays.  And, in April, that means two people – the Amazing C (AC) and the K.

And today kicks-off the first over-thirty birthday celebration of K.  I prefer a weekly celebration for this man’s birth, if only because he gets all weird about his birthday and starts getting all morbid, and y’all, it is hysterical.  If I waited to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday, I’d get nothing but a moody blue guy who picks at his presents and doesn’t want to blow out the candles.  By ramping up the excitement slowly, I get a guy who actually likes his birthday (or perhaps he’s so worn out he doesn’t put up a fight on the actual day).

K. thinks he’s getting a Kindle, which is so sad it hurts.  Maybe I’ll make one out of paper and wrap it up.  Seriously, we’re saving up for a move and a baby and perhaps even a custom-fit bra (that’s for me, I’m obsessed with the idea of an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that actually fits).  I am, however, making his favorite meals and have promised to watch whatever geeky thing he so desires.  We’re heading south to celebrate with his family this weekend and I’m orchestrating (which is a fancy word for sending emails) a dinner party to celebrate this man’s adulthood.

Also: on April 9th the Florida Board of Bar Examiners meets to decide his fate.  It’s finally happening!  The application he submitted on May 3rd is finally being reviewed.  Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.


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