Posted by: cck | March 23, 2011

up to date

I spent the last few weeks in the mountains of my home state, South Carolina.  There’s something grounding/centering/calming about the swell of the rolling hills, the hazy blue mountains rising in the background.

My aunt is the most important person in my life, save for the K.  She lost her husband to leukemia, and I had the gift of spending time with her.  She lives a life that is filled with grace, wisdom and love — I am seriously overwhelmed with her strength.  I loved spending time with her and my cousin (second-cousin, but who’s counting).  I’m thinking of names for them…  I’ll get the right handle at some point.

I ran into my parents, and whoa, am I glad that they’re consistent.  It makes it so much easier to stay away from them.

And one more thing – we’re looking at some major big stuff over here.  Like, moving further south.  And that’s not euphemism for a new sexual position.  K. has exhausted opportunities in our small little village, and we’re branching out.  With our hopefully growing family, it will be nice to be close to family.  I hate to move further away from the mountains (so many hours of driving!), but perhaps I could find serenity on a sailboat?



  1. Who can’t feel peace at Pretty Place? You are strong and I really appreciate you sharing your journey!

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