Posted by: cck | March 6, 2011

me and jc

I am a horrible passive-aggressive-facebooker.  I unfriend people all the time.  I’m really quite petty.

But this afternoon, I was hooked by a post by my wedding photographer.  She has a terribly cute daughter, and after drifting through some pictures and imagining how cool it would be to have the same photographer do pregnancy photos, I read this article on her page: A Woman, Not a Gestational Carrier, particularly this bit:

The basics are well established within Christian orthodoxy: Children are a blessing and a gift, not a right. They should be begotten, not made. ART is the manufacturing of children, often by design and often using third parties, and a violation of the doctrine of the two flesh becoming one.

Now, I know she’s conservative… but to think God doesn’t want me to have a baby because He made me infertile is a little like saying I should have died from the Chicken Pox because God made me vulnerable.

There’s a lot about medical breakthroughs that do – sometimes – make me uneasy.  Would I use a surrogate?  Would I engineer the process to have a male child?  Would I… I have absolutely no idea.  I’m not in that situation, and I’m not staring down certain decisions that others are – at this exact moment – having to face.  Nonetheless, am I searching out treatment for a problem that prevents me from getting pregnant?  Hell, yes.  I’m going to use ART, and I am incredibly thankful that it’s available.

And I think my friend J.C. is – at this very moment – pulling for us.  If we were thinking of starting with adoption, He’d be all over that too.  To think – even for a moment – that there’s some dude up on a throne, pulling for His people to stop working toward their goals is ludicrous, judgmental and all out wrong.  And now I’m in the market for a new photographer.


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