Posted by: cck | February 21, 2011

fifteen days

I’m meeting with a fertility specialist in fifteen days.

WHOA.  I can’t believe I’m making this happen.  I’ve been thinking about starting a family – on and off – for years.  There was something about marrying K. that flipped a switch with my hormones.  And now, it’s here.  Cue imposing music: the time is now!

I’ve been monitoring my basal body temperature for a while now. (I promise the choice of pink is unintentional).  I’m aware that I still have a few weeks of tracking to do before I complete a full “cycle,” but I’m not that optimistic.  Is anyone else alarmed that my temperature is freakishly low?  Anyone?  Hello?

Or, perhaps by the very fact that I’m waking up at 6 AM every morning to take my temperature is a sign that I am optimistic (or it’s a way to prepare for early mornings as a mom)!


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