Posted by: cck | February 19, 2011

movin’ on up

Tonight, I take two pills, for a grand total of 50 mg.  My aggressive mood has abated.  While K. seems relieved, I’m unconvinced.  That’s not the right word – I’m not completely unconvinced.  I suppose I’m not as relieved as he feels.  Yes, last week threw its fair shares of curve balls.  I was ducking left and right, but isn’t that normal the way?  Won’t I have last week to the third power once the Kiddos come along?

(Totally off topic, but I wonder if I should come up with a nickname for my future children.  Whoorl calls her kids Wito and Wita, for instance.  I don’t use our real names, because talking about things like Lithium, bi polar disorder, my crazy parents…  well, some employers might not think I’m the most fit).

I’m going to keep watch – obviously.  And I’m going to try not to be too sensitive, while still being responsible and alert.  Ha!  Double punch to the tummy!  Meanwhile, I’m feeling pulled (like the tides!) to every baby I see and I purposely walked the long way around Target to avoid all the baby stuff.  If I hear of one more friend who’s pregnant, I might just scream.

Which is ridiculous.  I’m not even actively trying to get pregnant.  I mean, I am actively trying to get pregnant – just more in the prep phase then the woo-hoo, flood gates are open phase.  And I believe it will happen, because I have faith and a plan.  And, that’s that tonight.


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