Posted by: cck | January 9, 2011


It’s the evening of the ninth of January, and I’m 30.  Officially, completely 30 years of age.  I must admit, as much as I am looking forward to it, I am still a bit nervous.  Thirty is so old – it’s so very adult.

My facebook wall is filled with well wishes from my friends – some whom I have known since I was a pre-teen (is that called a “tween” now?).  Almost all of them have started their families.

I have very high hopes for this year – for conceiving this year.  But I ran across this article via a little pregnant in the Washington Post.  It’s not that I wish anyone ill will or even that I’m not excited for their growing families – but geez louise, fertile myrtle…  Do I have to see the sonogram image?

funny facebook wall about infertility


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