Posted by: cck | January 8, 2011

boom. it’s 2011.

Holy Mackerel, where did 2010 go?  Oh yes, I remember it well…   Separations, school, business launches (yes, plural), successes, bar passes and days passed in absolute bliss.

And now, it’s a new year – I’m inches away from turning 30 – and I cannot wait.  This is it.  THIS is the year.  K. and I visited our counselor this week for a little fine-tuning, and I realized our marital issues were definitely First World stuff.  We weren’t looking for clean water anymore, we were trying to navigate the freeway.  I am incredibly relieved.

Christmas, which has always been a bit anxiety-ridden for me (insert Crazy Family Drama here), was the best Christmas I’ve ever had.  K. was thoughtful and kind and I hung up my issues for a blissful few days.  I took four days off of work and had the audacity NOT TO WORK.  People, it was amazeballs.

I went to the doctor on the Third and found out I may have something worse than a thyroid issue, and I’m waiting until next week for those test results.  Since the first six months of this year are focused around getting my body ready for a baby (and K.’s in shape to deal with me), this might actually be a blessing in disguise.

Because this is the year.  I’m going to get pregnant this year.  I’ve maxed out my FSA, I’ve got appointments lined up (despite inflated deposits just to “secure the appointment”) and both of us are ready.  This is happening.


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