Posted by: cck | October 10, 2010

the summer melted

It’s October and I barely have any idea where the summer went.  It was hot.  Fry an egg on the driveway hot.  And I spent most of the summer waiting on a man who was doing his best to ace the Florida Bar Exam.  He studied nearly every waking hour that he wasn’t at work.  I watched, hemmed and hawed, wished I could take it for him (um, not really).

He passed it.  He passed both parts.  And it was amazing.

And now, because the whole husband-has-a-full-time-job hurdle is almost passed, I am experiencing some pretty serious baby fever.  Almost as hot as the summer.  And I don’t know how to get over it.  I’m not pregnant.  We’re not trying.  We’re not ready.  We need a year – maybe 18 months – of two paychecks.  We’re being responsible.  And all I can think about is having a child.  A baby.  A toddler.  A tween.  Holy crap, this is getting out of hand.

Anyone have any ways to alleviate – or even postpone – the baby fever?


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