Posted by: cck | May 8, 2010

the bar exam

My husband is taking the BAR EXAM this summer. And really, I couldn’t be more stoked. Yes, I am crazy-pants nervous about how to survive the summer… Hearing BarBri lectures from the iPod Dock isn’t really what I was envisioning. The no travel/no fun/no socializing thing will be daunting.  But, you know, doable.

It’s an investment and somewhere deep down I truly truly truly believe it. It’s an investment in our family.

Especially when my husband says, “Maybe we should start trying after I pass this thing.” People, that’s putting a date on it.  It’s the pregnancy equivalent of Beyonce’s Put A Ring On It. That’s making the beginnings of a plan. I can look at a calendar and KNOW when results are coming out.

And while the Supreme Court of Florida probably won’t publish something with the results I’m really waiting for, I’ve got this feeling that our end result will be just as lauded. We could make a make a baby (which I keep typing as “maybe”) this fall. Holy shit.


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