Posted by: cck | May 5, 2010

ebb and flow

My hormones have ebbed.  Oh, thankyougeezus.  I know, once you get baby fever, it doesn’t really go away.  But at least I can live without the symptoms for a while.

I feel like I should gush about all my problems – so you’ll understand why I feel like this whole baby making thing is such a difficult endeavor.  Let’s see.  The bipolar thing is pretty big.  It’s been seven years since I was diagnosed.  Seven years since I had to re-learn emotions; seven years since I my hair dryer talked to me; seven years since I had no hope.  And it’s been seven years without episodes — because I faithfully take my lithium daily.

And the fertility part?  I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  I apparently haven’t ovulated in YEARS.  Years, people — let’s talk about the gigantic waste of money known as birth control.  Ha!  So, maybe the hormones aren’t completely at low tide.


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